GS 2019 art 2

GS 2019 Article 2 – Credentials

The credentials were examined by the Edmonton-Immanuel CanRC and found to be in good order. Twenty-two primary delegates and two alternate delegates were present and signed the attendance list.

  • Delegated by Regional Synod West November 2018:
    • Ministers: Dr. Roelf (Karlo) Janssen, Dr. Andrew Pol, Joe Poppe, James Slaa, Julius VanSpronsen, Bill Wielenga.
    • Elders: John DeHaas, Ken Huttema, Casey Leyenhorst, Harry Moes, Henry Schouten, Bert Vane.
  • Delegated by Regional Synod East November 2018:
    • Ministers: Douwe Agema, Clarence Bouwman, Peter Feenstra, Peter Holtvlüwer, John Louwerse, Clarence VanderVelde.
    • Elders: Ron Bremer (alt.) John Jager, Jeff Jans (alt.), Bernie Kottelenberg, Fred Stoffels, Dr. Art Witten.