GS 2016 art 33

GS 2016 Article 33 – Address Church

1. Material

  • 1.1    Report from the Burlington-Ebenezer CanRC (8.2.18)

2. Observation

  • 2.1    Burlington-Ebenezer reported it received two requests from the publisher of The Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches to update the statistical information regarding the CanRC. Burlington-Ebenezer responded to each request with information taken from the most recent copy of the Yearbook of the Canadian and American Reformed Churches.

3. Consideration

  • 3.1    It is clear from the report that Burlington-Ebenezer fulfilled its mandate.

4. Recommendations

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1    To receive with thankfulness the report from Burlington-Ebenezer;
  • 4.2    To reappoint Burlington-Ebenezer as Address Church for the CanRC.