GS 2016 art 131

GS 2016 Article 131 – Close of GS 2016

On behalf of the members of GS 2016, the vice-chairman expressed sincere gratitude to the Rev. R. Aasman, who served so capably as chairman to make this the shortest synod of the CanRC in recent times.

The chairman then proceeded to speak some closing remarks. He first of all gave thanks to God for making this happen. He expressed gratitude for services of the Dunnville congregation.

Br. B. Meerstra briefly outlined how far Dunnville went in providing hospitality, even modifying lodging to cater to the needs of the Meerstra family.

Upon invitation of the chairman, the vice-chairman, on behalf of Synod, explained the host church would receive a large custom-made clock, with the inscription, “With deep gratitude from Synod Dunnville 2016.”

In turn, br. Cornell Feenstra (of Dunnville’s Organizing Committee for Synod) presented the Rev. Aasman with a gavel and base, handcrafted by a member of the congregation, as a token of appreciation for his work as chairman.

The chairman reflected on some of the agenda items, noting matters of sadness and joy.

His speech can be found in Appendix 15.

The Rev. R. Aasman read Psalm 118:17-29, gave a brief meditation, led in prayer, and asked those present to sing Hymn 85:1,2.