GS 2016 art 107

GS 2016 Article 107 – IRCK (Independent Reformed Church in Korea)

1. Material

  • 1.1    Report of Committee for Relations with Churches Abroad (CRCA) – section on the Independent Reformed Church in Korea (IRCK) (8.2.1)
  • 1.2    Letters from the following CanRC: Flamborough (, Glanbrook-Trinity (

2. Observations

  • 2.1    GS 2013 (Art. 157) decided:
    • [4.2]      To mandate the CRCA to thank the Independent Reformed Church in Korea (IRCK) for their cooperation and discussions and to encourage them to seek contact with the KPCK and the RCK.
  • 2.2    From the CRCA report, the following:
    • 2.2.1     Contact was made with the delegates at the International Conference of Reformed Churches (ICRC) and the Rev. A. Souman and br. J. Vanderstoep visited the churches in Korea.
  • 2.3    The committee recommends:
    • 2.3.1     To maintain contact with the IRCK wherever possible. This will assist us in our understanding of the Reformed church situation in Korea and hopefully better enable us to fulfill the intent of the Ecclesiastical Fellowship which we have with the Kosin Presbyterian Church in Korea (KPCK).
  • 2.4    Flamborough suggests that contact be limited to ICRC meetings only.
  • 2.5    Glanbrook-Trinity suggests to limit efforts and expenditures in exploring these contacts.

3. Considerations

  • 3.1    The reported contact is of value and also helps in CanRC relations with the KPCK.

4. Recommendation

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1    To encourage the Committee for Relations with Churches Abroad (CRCA) to continue contact with the Independent Reformed Church of Korea (IRCK) where possible.