GS 2013 art 81

GS 2013 Article 81 – Letter of Hamilton-Cornerstone re: PCA

Committee 4 presented its second draft with this result:

1.         Material:

Letter from the church at Hamilton-Cornerstone, with appendix (

2.         Observations:

  • 2.1.      Hamilton-Cornerstone recommends thatSynod Carman 2013 mandate the CCCNA to take up official contact with and conduct an investigation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).
  • 2.2.      Hamilton-Cornerstone notes that the PCA separated from the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. in 1973.This was “done in opposition to the long developing theological liberalism which denied the deity of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy and authority of Scripture. Additionally, the PCA held to the traditional position on the role of women in church offices.” The PCA has “…determined its purpose to be faithful to the Scriptures, true to the reformed faith and obedient to the Great Commission …The PCA has made a firm commitment on the doctrinal standards which had been significant in Presbyterianism since 1645, namely the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.” Hamilton-Cornerstone appends to its letter a short synopsis of the history of the PCA.
  • 2.3.      Hamilton-Cornerstone notes that it has come into regular contact with a congregation of the PCA in Hamilton and that our federation has increased contact with the PCA on account of our membership in NAPARC. Hamilton-Cornerstone suggests that the next meeting of NAPARC may be a good occasion to establish contact with the PCA.

3.         Consideration:

  • 3.1.      While Hamilton-Cornerstone’s suggestion may have merit, it would be appropriate and also helpful for Hamilton (or some other congregation so inclined) to first investigate the PCA further. If after investigation and evaluation of the PCA there is an apparent potential for fruitful ecclesiastical contact, the issue should be brought from the minor assemblies to the broader, where it may be placed on the agenda of the CCCNA for their attention. This course of action is similar to that taken, e.g., by the church of Aldergrove with respect to the FRCNA (see Acts of Synod Fergus 1998, Article 98, Consideration III.A).

4.         Recommendation:

That Synod decide that the above consideration serves as answer to the letter of Hamilton-Cornerstone.