GS 2013 art 7

Article 7 – Late Submissions

Letters from the following churches arrived late, without any explanation and for no apparent reason, and therefore were declared inadmissible: two from the church in Neerlandia and one from the church in Fergus-North. One submission from the church at Yarrow was accepted due to a mix-up in the postal system. Supplementary reports from the Committee for Church Unity (CCU) (re: recent dealings in their task), from the Standing Committee for the Book of Praise (SCBP) (re: appointments), from the CRTS Board of Governors (re: appointment of fifth professor & appointment of non-minister Board members), from the Committee for the Needy Student Fund (CNSF), from the Churches for Days of Prayer and from the Church for Inspecting the Archives (replacement report from council) were received and declared admissible because they either presented a good reason for their timing or were deemed of necessity for synod to deal with.