GS 2013 art 28

GS 2013 Article 28 – Appeal of Mr. M. VanTil

1.         Material:

Letter of appeal from Mr. M. VanTil (8.5.32)

2.         Observation re: Admissibility:

According to the Acts of Synod 2010 Mr. VanTil withdrew himself from the church at Aldergrove and therefore his appeal to that assembly was judged inadmissible (Article 110). In his appeal Mr. VanTil says that he seceded.

3.         Considerations re: Admissibility:

  • 3.1.      The right to appeal the decisions of church assemblies is a privilege of membership of the churches.
  • 3.2.      The decision of Mr. VanTil to withdraw himself or to secede from the church terminated the process meant to lead to reconciliation.

4.         Recommendation:

That Synod decide that Mr. M. VanTil’s appeal is inadmissible.