GS 2013 art 199

GS 2013 Article 199 – Closing of Synod

Rev. Louwerse, the vice-chairman, took a moment to express, on behalf of the members of Synod Carman 2013, sincere thankfulness to Rev. Bouwman who served so capably as chairman.

Rev. Bouwman proceeded to speak some words of appreciation to members of the executive for their good team-work, to members of Synod for their good efforts and faithful production and for the general spirit of peace that could exist even through times of disagreement. Above all he gave thanks to our heavenly Father without whose blessing none of these things would have been possible. He also thanked the convening church of Carman-West for their excellent work of preparing for and hosting of synod and for the wonderful hospitality extended by many Carman church members toward the delegates. His speech can be found in Appendix 12 of these Acts.

Rev. Bouwman then, on behalf of Synod, presented some gifts to the ladies who provided such scrumptious meals and snacks with impeccable dedication throughout synod. In turn, br. John Veldman (of Carman-West’s Organizing Committee for Synod), presented Rev. Bouwman with a hand-crafted gavel as a token of appreciation for his work as chairman.

Rev. Bouwman read Ephesians 6:10-20, gave a brief meditation, had the assembly rise and sing Psalm 124:1-3 and led in prayer. The chairman declared Synod Carman 2013 closed.