GS 2013 art 177

GS 2013 Article 177 – Appointments – General

Part 1 – Recommending Names for Appointment

1.         Material:

Letters from the churches at Spring Creek (8.1.10), Willoughby Heights (8.1.27); reports from SCBP (8.2.4), CCCNA ( and CRCA (8.1.43)

2.         Observation:

There has been inconsistency in the way standing committees recommend replacements for their members. Some committees send their recommendations for appointments well in advance in their reports, others much later in sealed envelopes directly to a particular advisory committee of general synod and others not all.

3.         Consideration:

It would be helpful if all synod committees would recommend suitable replacements so that general synod may be assisted in determining whom to appoint to the various committees. While such recommendations need not be publicized, they should be duly considered by all delegates to general synod in sufficient time.

4.         Recommendation:

That Synod decide to mandate all committees of synod to send the names of recommended replacements for members of their respective committees to each general synod (for distribution to all delegates) at least 6 weeks in advance of general Synod.

Part 2Appointments

1.         Material:

  • Letters from the churches at Spring Creek (8.1.10) and Willoughby Heights (8.1.27); reports from SCBP (8.2.4), CCCNA ( and CRCA (8.1.43)

2.         Board of Governors of the Theological College

  • 2.1.      Academic Committee:
    • 2.1.1.   From Eastern Canada: E. Kampen (2016), J. Ludwig (2019) M. VanLuik (2022) (Substitute: P.G. Feenstra)
    • 2.1.2.   From Western Canada: A.J. Pol (2016), R. Aasman (2019) A. Souman (2022), (Substitute: J. Louwerse)
  • 2.2.      Finance and Property Committee: A. Bax (2016), H. Kampen (2016), B. Hordyk (2019), C.H. Medemblik (2022), F. Oostdyk (2022) (Substitutes: A. Schutten, M. DeBoer, in that order)

3.         Committee for Pastoral Training Program Funding

  • The church at Guelph-Emmanuel

4.         Committee on Relations with Churches Abroad (CRCA)

  • 4.1.      J. VanderStoep (2016), T. Lodder (2016), J. VanLaar (2019), A. Souman (convenor) (2019), O. Bouwman (2022), Arend Witten (2022)
  • 4.2.      Subcommittee for Contact with the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands: J. DeGelder, J. Moesker (convenor), G.J. Nordeman, C. Van Dam

5.         Committee for contact with Churches in North America (CCCNA)

  • 5.1.      For Subcommittee East: E. Kampen (convenor) (2016), C. Poppe (2019), D.W. Vandeburgt (2019), G. Bos (2022)
  • 5.2.      For Subcommittee West: P.H. Holtvlüwer (2016), J. Poppe (2019), H. VanDelden (2019), L. VanderVeen (2022)

6.         Committee for Church Unity (CCU)

  • 6.1.      Coordinators: W. den Hollander and C.J. VanderVelde
  • 6.2.      Subcommittees:
    • 6.2.1.   Church Order Subcommittee: G. Nederveen, G.J. Nordeman, J. VanWoudenberg (convenor), Art Witten
    • 6.2.2.   Theological Education Subcommittee: B. Faber, J.L. VanPopta (convenor), K.J. Veldkamp, G.H. Visscher
  • 6.3.      Common Songbook Committee: the Standing Committee for the Book of Praise
  • 6.4.      Creeds and Forms Committee: C. Bouwman (convenor), J. VanVliet, T.G. VanRaalte

7.         Standing Committee for the Publication of the Book of Praise (SCBP)

  • Chris Nobels (2016), G. Ph. Van Popta (convenor) (2016), A. Den Hollander (2019), J. Smith (2022), D. Wynia (2022); Alternate: Martin Jongsma (2022)

8.         Committee on Bible Translations (CBT)

  • P. Aasman (2016), R. Bredenhof (2019), W. Bredenhof (convenor) (2019), D. deBoer (2019), R. Vermeulen (2022)

9.         Committee for Official Website (CWEB)

  • W. Bredenhof (convenor; 2016), J. Koopmans (2016), Jonathan Reinink (2019), Darryl Shpak (2019)

10.       Churches for Days of Prayer and Article 54 CO

  • The churches at Burlington-Waterdown and Edmonton-Providence

11.       General Fund

  • The church at Carman-East

12.       The Committee for Needy Students Fund

  • The church at Grassie

13.       Archive Church

  • The church at Burlington-Ebenezer

14.       Archive Inspection

  • The church at Burlington-Waterdown

15.       Audit Finances of Synod Carman 2013

  • The church at Carman-East

16.       Address Church

  • The church at Burlington-Ebenezer

17.       Committee for the Printing of the Acts

  • The clerks of Synod Carman 2013

18.       Convening Church for Next Synod

  • The church at Dunnville, Ontario