GS 2013 art 157

GS 2013 Article 157 – Independent Reformed Church in Korea (IRCK)

Committee 3 presented a proposal on the IRCK. After some discussion, this was the result:

1.         Material:

Report from the CRCA (8.2.1)

2.         Observation:

  • 2.1.      Synod Burlington 2010 provided no mandate concerning the IRCK except where it was mentioned concerning the KPCK (Article 105, Recommendation 4.2) that we discuss their relationship with the IRCK. The IRCK is also mentioned several times in the Acts of Synod (Article 105, Observation 2.11, Consideration 3.2 and Article 173, Observations 2.4.2, 2.5.2, Consideration 3.2) as well as the CRCA report to Synod 2010.

3.         Considerations:

  • 3.1.      A CRCA delegate visited the IRCK in September 2010 at the same time that the visit was made to the KPCK. The visit included attendance in a worship service and at a lecture at their seminary, a visit to their church and publishing house in Seoul, a meeting with delegates from their churches and several discussions with Rev. Heon Soo Kim.
  • 3.2.      The delegate was informed that the IRCK has withdrawn their request for relations with the Canadian Reformed Churches. The reasons given were that they already have relations with the OPC and the Christian Reformed Church in the Netherlands and that their federation is too small for more relations. They also note the visit and lectures at their seminary by Dr. C. Van Dam in 2011 and the publication of his book The Elder in Korean.
  • 3.3.      They have requested that Synod Carman 2013 correct two errors in the Acts of Synod Burlington 2010. It is stated in the Acts that they have adopted the Three Forms of Unity, even though they have not adopted the Belgic Confession. Additionally, Article 173, Consideration 3.2 states “…they do respect the KPCK seminary,” whereas their respect is for one of the professors and they have their own seminary.
  • 3.4.      While the CRCA proposes that we encourage the IRCK to continue contact with the CanRC, it makes more sense for synod to encourage them to seek contact with the KPCK and the RCK.

4.         Recommendations:

ThatSynod decide:

  • 4.1.      To make note of the above-mentioned errors;
  • 4.2.      To mandate the CRCA to thank the ICRK for their cooperation and discussions and to encourage them to seek contact with the KPCK and the RCK.