GS 2013 art 102

GS 2013 Article 102 – Book of Praise – Contract

1. Material:

Report from the SCBP, Section 2.1 (8.2.4)

2.         Observation:

The SCBP was given approval from Synod Burlington 2010 (Article 113) to negotiate the continuation of the contract with Premier Printing for an additional five years with an expiry date of Feb. 28, 2017.

3.         Consideration:

The SCBP informs Synod Carman 2013 that this contract was renewed in 2012 in accordance with Synod’s instructions. The SCBP is not seeking another mandate to renew the contract at this time.

4.         Recommendation:

That Synod decide not to provide instructions to renew the contract since the current contract will still be in force at the next General Synod 2016.