GS 2010 art 78

GS 2010 Article 78 – Speeches by Fraternal Delegates from the ERQ and FRCSA

Rev. J. VanWoudenberg introduced Rev. Ben Westerveld, fraternal delegate from the ERQ. Rev. Westerveld then addressed the assembly. He described some of the struggles and joys of the ERQ, outlined developments in their inter-church relations, and highlighted the benefits of interaction with the CanRC through the CCCNA as well as through other personal contacts. The full text of his address can be found in Appendix 9 of the Acts. Rev. J. Moesker then introduced Rev. Dirk M. Boersma of the FRCSA. Rev. Boersma then spoke, describing the history of the FRCSA as well as “the religious tapestry of South Africa.” Despite the small size of the FRCSA, these churches are quite active in mission work. He expressed gratitude for financial support received from the Dutch and Australian churches, and stressed the need for structural instead of incidental giving, also by some of the CanRC. That would help relieve pressure on the mission budget. He also thanked the CanRC for help given through the Theological College in regard to training for the ministry in the FRCSA. His complete address is in Appendix 10 of the Acts.