GS 2010 art 40

GS 2010 Article 40 – Addresses by Dr. J.P. Van Vliet and Dr. C. Van Dam

Rev. Aasman briefly outlined the developments leading to the appointment of Dr. J.P. Van Vliet to the position of professor of Dogmatology and then gave him the opportunity to give a speech to the assembly. After this, he invited Dr. C. Van Dam to address all who were present. Their speeches can be found in Appendices 6 and 7 of the Acts.

Rev. Aasman thanked Dr. Van Dam for his many contributions for the benefit of the Theological College and the life of the churches. He also indicated that as a visible sign of appreciation for faithful service rendered, a gift would be given on behalf of the churches: a high quality reproduction of a painting to be chosen by Dr. Van Dam.