GS 2010 art 22

GS 2010 Article 22 – Requests from the Standing Committee for the Publication of the Book of Praise (SCBP)

Committee 3 presented its proposal in regard to requests from the SCBP for “privilege of the floor” and for half an hour to demonstrate some of the revised tunes proposed for the Book of Praise. The question was divided and put to a vote.

1.         Material

  • 1.1       Letter from the SCBP dated September 2009 (8.2.j.ii).
  • 1.2       Letter from the SCBP dated February 2010 (8.2.j.iv).

2.         Observations

  • 2.1       The SCBP in its letter dated September 2009 asks that synod grant the privilege of the floor to representatives of the SCBP that they may participate in the discussion of their proposals.
  • 2.2       The SCBP in its letter dated February 2010 asks that synod grant representatives of the committee half an hour of its time to demonstrate the proposed new melodies for Hymns 31 and 46.

3.         Consideration

To expedite the work of synod, it would be beneficial to have the representatives of the SCBP respond to questions concerning their report, as well as to demonstrate the proposed new melodies for Hymn 31 and 46.

4.         Recommendation

That Synod decide to grant these requests.


One member of synod who is a member of the SCBP abstained from voting. To avoid unnecessary repetition it is noted here that he continued to abstain in regard to all subsequent decisions concerning the Book of Praise.