GS 2010 art 174

GS 2010 Article 174 – Changes to the Guidelines

Section IV.I.1

The old rule is as follows:

I.          Voting

  • 1.         The chair shall call the roll (in any order) when a vote is taken.

Proposal to Change Section IV.1.1 as follows:

I.          Voting

  • 1.         It is in the freedom of the chair to determine how the vote is to be taken: by calling the roll (in any order) or by show of hands.

Add as I.E:

  • For all matters of the churches in common, individual churches may address proposals or other significant submissions directly to general synod with the requirement that all such submissions are sent also to each church in the federation no later than six months prior to general synod.

Add as I.F:

  • Since matters on the agenda of general synod involve the churches in common, regional synods shall distribute copies of adopted overtures to all the churches in the federation no later than five months prior to the convening of a general synod.

Add I.J:

  • The convening church shall arrange to have people present during Synod to assist the clerks in preparing the Acts and to do other paper work.


For the complete text, see Appendix 11.