GS 2010 art 168

GS 2010 Article 168 – Remuneration Dr. W. Helder

1.         Material

Letter from SCBP dated October 2009 (8.2.j.6).

2.         Observations

  • 2.1        Synod Smithers (Article 148 par. 4.1.3) mandated the SCBP to “engage Dr. Helder to work with the Committee to update the psalm section and provide a fair remuneration for the work involved.”
  • 2.2        Synod Smithers (Article 149, par. 4.4.1) mandated the SCBP “to also review the suitability of individual hymns that we already have in the Book of Praise, for possible change, deletion or improvement.”
  • 2.3         The SCBP reports for synod’s information that it concluded an agreement with Dr. Helder with respect to the goal of his work, copyright matters, and amount and arrangements for remuneration. (See SCBP letter).
  • 2.4        T he SCBP reports further that Dr. Helder requested confidentiality in this matter.

3.         Consideration

The SCBP has concluded the arrangement with Dr. Helder, as mandated by Synod Smithers, and submits this letter for our information. It is appropriate to maintain confidentiality in this matter.

4.         Recommendation

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1        To express deep appreciation for the good cooperation and considerable work of Dr. Helder.
  • 4.2         To receive the letter of the SCBP for information.
  • 4.3        To keep the contents of the agreement confidential.