GS 2010 art 138

GS 2010 Article 138 – Hymn: Jesus with Your Church Abide

1.           Material

  • 1.1        Letter from Langley (8.3.J.31).
  • 1.2       SCBP Report, Section Four, 10.3.II.16 (8.2.j).

2.          Observations

  • 2.1        This hymn is a prayer to the Lord Jesus on behalf of his church on earth as she carries out the task he entrusted to her.
  • 2.2        The SCBP observes that it is not correct to suggest, as the hymn seems to do in the 4th stanza, that the church can be held responsible for “fields unwon,” i.e. for the fact that conversions did not occur.
  • 2.3        Langley observes that while the church cannot be held responsible for fields unwon, she is responsible when she has neglected her missionary task, and does need to seek forgiveness.

3.         Consideration

The specific request that the Lord Jesus pardon the church “for fields unwon,” especially when it follows the request that he forgive the church “for work undone,” is open to misunderstanding, as if the church may indeed be considered responsible when those who hear her preaching are not in fact converted.

4.         Recommendation

That Synod decide to approve the recommendation of the SCBP that Augment # 16 Jesus With Your Church Abide not be included in the Book of Praise.