GS 2010 art 133

GS 2010 Article 133 – Hymn: Glory be to the Father

1.          Material

  • 1.1        Letters from Ancaster (8.3.J.36), Attercliffe (8.3.J.25), Carman East (8.3.J.3), and Chilliwack (8.3.J.14).
  • 1.2        SCBP Report, Section Four, 10.3.II.28 (8.2.j).

2.          Observations

  • 2.1        This hymn is a doxology.
  • 2.2        Some churches object that the content of this hymn is already wellcovered in the current collection of Psalms and Hymns.
  • 2.3        Some churches object to the fact that the words of this hymn are

“taken from the Roman Catholic mass.”

3.          Considerations

  • 3.1        Since this hymn is a doxology, simplicity is a virtue. At the same time, the hymn reflects the orthodox and universal confession about the Triune God, so that the hymn is also profound and doctrinally faithful.
  • 3.2        The text was composed in the 2nd century. It is therefore anachronistic to speak of it as being taken from the Roman Catholic mass. In fact, the inclusion of this hymn, particularly in view of its ancient origin underlines the catholicity of Christ’s church throughout all ages.

4.          Recommendation

That Synod decide to approve the Hymn Glory be to the Father for inclusion in the expanded hymn section of the Book of Praise, as recommended by the SCBP.