GS 2010 art 129

GS 2010 Article 129 – Hymn: For the Bread Which You Have Broken

1.          Material

  • 1.1        Letters from Carman East (8.3.J.3), Neerlandia (8.3.J.23), Fergus North (8.3.J.24), Attercliffe (8.3.J.25), and Ancaster (8.3.J.36).
  • 1.2       SCBP Report, Section Four, 10.3.II.9 (8.2.j).

2.          Observations

  • 2.1       This hymn is about the Lord’s Supper.
  • 2.2       Two of the churches proposed wording changes.
  • 2.3        Some of the churches stated that the subject of this hymn is already well covered by selections in the existing hymn section.
  • 2.4        One of the churches proposed several changes in the wording of this hymn.
  • 2.5        Some of the churches suggested that the song was shallow and simplistic.
  • 2.6        One church observes that this hymn speaks of the Lord’s Supper in a Reformed manner, and could be used as a doxology following the celebration of the Lords Supper.

3.          Considerations

  • 3.1         In view of the frequency with which we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, it is good to have several songs about the meaning of the sacrament in our hymn section.
  • 3.2        Neither the SCBP nor the ad hoc committee identified any concern with respect to the words which one church proposes to change.
  • 3.3        While the content of the song may be characterized as simple, that is not the same as saying that it is shallow or simplistic. Nor is its simplicity to be considered a fault. The hymn is clearly in the form of a prayer, and is clear and understandable in what it says.
  • 3.4        It is not appropriate for the synod to enter into discussions involving proposed changes to words.

4.          Recommendation

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1        To approve the Hymn For the Bread Which You Have Broken for inclusion in the expanded hymn section of the Book of Praise as recommended by the SCBP.
  • 4.2        That the proposed wording changes be passed on to the SCBP for consideration and possible implementation.