GS 2010 art 126

GS 2010 Article 126 – Hymn: God Gave to Us This Day of Days

1.          Material

  • 1.1        Letters from Chilliwack (8.3.J.14), Willoughby Heights (8.3.J.24), Attercliffe (8.3.J.25), and Winnipeg-Redeemer (8.3.J.41, Appendix 3).
  • 1.2        T wo of the churches proposed some changes to the wording of this hymn.
  • 1.3       SCBP Report, Section Four, 10.3.II.3 (8.2.j).

2.          Observations

  • 2.1        Some of the churches objected that this hymn does not meet Guideline 11 (“The melodies and harmonies of the church must be suitable for congregational singing, avoiding complicated rhythms, excessive syncopation, and a wide range of pitch”) .
  • 2.2        One of the churches objected that there were weak and incorrect statements.
  • 2.3        One of the churches objected that the subject of Christ’s resurrection is already well-covered in hymns in the current collection.
  • 2.4        Some of the churches found the reference to “this day of days” (stanza 1, line 1) unclear. Does it refer to the day of Christ’s resurrection, or to the Sunday?

3.          Considerations

  • 3.1        The tune is unfamiliar, but as it becomes more familiar it will also become more “singable.”
  • 3.2        No evidence was offered to support the charge that there were weak and incorrect statements.
  • 3.3        In view of the central place of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ in his work of salvation, it is appropriate to include several songs on that subject.
  • 3.4        It seems clear that the reference in the opening line is to the Sunday, which is also a weekly celebration of Christ’s resurrection and our new life in him.
  • 3.5        It is not appropriate for synod to enter into discussions involving proposed changes to words.

4.          Recommendation

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1        To approve Hymn # 33 God Gave to us This Day of Days for inclusion in the expanded hymn section of the Book of Praise as recommended by the SCBP.
  • 4.2        That the proposed wording changes be passed on to the SCBP for consideration and possible implementation.