GS 2010 art 12

GS 2010 Article 12 – Appointment of a Professor of Dogmatology

1.         Material

  • 1.1       Letter with appendices from the Board of Governors of the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches with a proposal to fill the vacancy in the department of Dogmatology (8.1.c.i).
  • 1.2.       Report of Board of Governors to General Synod 2010 (8.2.l).

2.         Observations

  • 2.1       The Board of Governors informs General Synod that Dr.
  • N.H.Gootjes has been unable to fulfill his professorial duties due to medical issues. On April 21, 2008, he was placed on indefinite sick leave and on December 11, 2008, the Board declared a vacancy in the department of Dogmatology.
  • 2.2       The Board of Governors requests General Synod 2010 to give leave to the Board to appoint Dr. Jason P. Van Vliet as professor of Dogmatology.
  • 2.3       The Board has supplied Synod with information about Dr. Van Vliet as well as letters of reference.

3.         Consideration

Based on the information supplied by the Board of Governors, General Synod deems Dr. Jason Van Vliet to be well qualified for this position.

4.         Recommendation

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1       To express deep gratitude for the work that Dr. N.H.Gootjes was able to accomplish at the Theological College since he began his work in 1990. Synod asks that the churches continue to remember the needs of Dr. Gootjes and his family before the throne of God.
  • 4.2       To direct the Board of Governors to appoint Dr. Jason P. Van Vliet, as professor of Dogmatology.


Rev. Nederveen, chairman of the Board of Governors, and br. Nordeman as member of the Board of Governors were invited to hear the outcome of the decision.

Synod then went into open session.