GS 2010 art 118

GS 2010 Article 118 – SCBP: Involvement of Dr. N. H. Gootjes

1.         Material

SCBP Report, Section One, 7.2 (8.2.j).

2.         Observation

The SCBP notes that since March 2008, Dr. N.H. Gootjes has been unable to participate in the committee’s activities due to illness.

3.         Considerations

  • 3.1        Dr. Gootjes offered his resignation in February of 2009, and the SCBP accepted his resignation with regret, but noting with thankfulness to God that Dr. Gootjes was able to contribute expertly to the committee’s work for more than six years.
  • 3.2        The SCBP commends Dr. Gootjes and his family into the continuing care of our heavenly Father and recommends that Synod formally thank Dr. Gootjes for his work as a member of the SCBP.

4.          Recommendation

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1      To take note of Dr. Gootjes resignation from the SCBP due to illness.
  • 4.2        To express deep gratitude to Dr. Gootjes for his faithful work as member of the SCBP for more than six years.
  • 4.3        T o commend Dr. Gootjes and his wife and family to the Lord’s mercy and care.