GS 2010 art 11

GS 2010 Article 11 – Appointment of a Professor of Old Testament

1.         Material

  • 1.1       Letter with appendices from the Board of Governors of the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches with a proposal to fill the vacancy in the department of Old Testament (8.1.c.ii).
  • 1.2       Report Board of Governors to General Synod 2010 (8.2.l).

2.         Observations

  • 2.1       The Board of Governors informs General Synod that it granted Dr. C. Van Dam’s request to retire upon the completion of the 2010-2011 academic year.
  • 2.2       The Board appointed a Search Committee for a new professor and received input from many churches as well as from the Faculty.
  • 2.3       Having investigated several possibilities the Board now requests General Synod 2010 to give leave to the Board to appoint Dr. Jannes Smith of Albany, Australia, as professor of Old Testament.
  • 2.4       The Board has supplied Synod with information about Dr. Smith as well as letters of reference.

3.         Consideration

Based on the information supplied by the Board of Governors, General Synod deems Dr. Jannes Smith to be well qualified for this position.

4.         Recommendation

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1       To approve the retirement of Dr. C. Van Dam and express deep gratitude for his thirty years of faithful and diligent service to the College and the Churches as professor of Old Testament.
  • 4.2       To direct the Board of Governors to appoint Dr. Jannes Smith of Albany, Australia as professor of Old Testament.


Members of the Board of Governors abstained from voting. The same applies to other decisions involving the Board of Governors.