GS 2007 art 8

GS 2007 Article 8Mail received

  • 1)      Letter of greeting and elucidation from the FCC – added as Agenda item 8.1.q and given to Committee 3
  • 2)      Corrections to appeal from Mr. T. Kingma – given to Committee 1
  • 3)      Report on inspection of archives by Burlington-Waterdown – added as Agenda item 8.2.i and given to Committee 6
  • 4)      Letter of greetings from the Australian churches and extract from their synod re GKN – added as Agenda item 8.1.n and given to Committee 3
  • 5)      Letter of greeting from the RCUS – added as Agenda item 8.1.o
  • 6)      Submission form the Gereformeerde Kerk Hersteld (GKH) – added as Agenda item 8.1.p and it will be decided by synod how to proceed in this matter