GS 2007 art 153

GS 2007 Article 153 – Guidelines for Synod

The advisory committee presented its second proposal:

1.      Material

  • 1.1     Letter from Smithers re Convening of Synod

2.      Observations

  • 2.1     In the light of new technology, Smithers is asking for changes in the Guidelines for General Synod.
  • 2.2     Specifically, they ask that Guideline 1.C be amended to allow for the convening church at a general synod to send material to delegates and first alternates in digital format instead of in hard copy.
  • 2.3     They also ask that Guideline 1.D be amended to allow for the churches and individual members to send material to the convening church in digital form instead of in thirty hard copies.

3       Considerations

  • 3.1     It is true that new technology allows for the electronic transfer of information; however, the printout of such electronic files would then be left up to the individual delegates at considerable inconvenience to them. In addition, those delegates who are not computer literate would find themselves in difficulty.
  • 3.2     The convening church, if it is able, is free to turn printed material into electronic material for the convenience of the delegates; however, this is best left to the discretion of that church.

4       Recommendation

Synod decide:

  • 4.1     Not to accede to the request to change the Guidelines.