GS 2007 art 146

GS 2007 Article 146 – Request to reopen the discussion on synod’s decision re the GKH.

Brother Nordeman moved that the decision about the GKH be revisited on the basis of Guideline IV.G. called “Motion to Bring Matters Once Decided Again Before Synod.” He brought six reason to the fore as follows:

  • 1.       Synod is using excessively strong language with words such as “schism” and “admonish.”
  • 2.       Synod is not consistent in its approach as compared to the situation with the FCS and FCC, where the FCC also considers itself the lawful continuation of the Free Church of Scotland.
  • 3.       Synod is premature in its position taken as no correspondence was received from any of the churches requesting synod to make such pronouncements.
  • 4.       Synod is passing a public judgment on the GKH with words and terminology that have not first been used in communications with the GKH.
  • 5.       In view of the strong opinions expressed by many churches in regards to the situation in the GKN, Synod Smithers risks creating further unrest in the CanRC.
  • 6.       By adopting the above mentioned consideration and recommendation Synod Smithers further underlines the concerns expressed by our sister church in Australia: that developments in the CanRC “do not parallel those in theirs” (Report CRCA section 2.3, pp. 23-24).

The motion was seconded. A round of discussion followed on this motion and was put to the vote. The motion carried. Brother Nordeman was instructed to bring a new proposal to the meeting.