GS 2007 art 106

GS 2007 Article 106 – Orthodox Christian Reformed Churches (OCRC)

The advisory committee presented its proposal. After some discussion it was moved and seconded to add to the synod decision:

to mandate the CPEU to as yet fulfill the mandate of Synod 2004.

The amendment was defeated.

1.      Material

  • 1.1     CPEU Report – see the appendices
  • 1.2-4 Letters from the following three churches: Elora, Grand Valley, London

2.      Observations

  • 2.1     Synod Chatham gave the CPEU the following mandate re the OCRC:
    • 2.1.1    To represent the Canadian Reformed Churches (when invited) at meetings of the OCRC, with a view to promoting greater understanding and exploring the possibility of federative unity.
    • 2.1.2    To develop a more concrete proposal toward establishing talks with the OCRC.
    • 2.1.3    To specifically address with the OCRC whether it shares the mutual desire for federative unity with the CanRC.
    • 2.1.4    To make themselves available upon request of Canadian Reformed Churches for advice on local developments.
  • 2.2     The committee reports that since Synod Chatham 2004, no correspondence took place, and the committee did not receive any invitation to attend a synod of the OCRC.
  • 2.3     The CPEU recommends that the mandate to pursue contacts with the goal to explore the possibilities for federative unity with the OCRC not be renewed.
  • 2.4     London recommends that synod sends a letter to the OCRC to specifically determine from them whether they share the mutual desire for federative unity.
  • 2.5     Grand Valley agrees with the proposal of the committee to discontinue the committee’s mandate regarding the OCRC.
  • 2.6     Elora would like synod to encourage further contact with this federation.

3.      Considerations

  • 3.1     Synod regrets the lack of contact with the OCRC as reported by the CPEU. There is no indication that the CPEU developed a more concrete proposal towards establishing talks with the OCRC as the CPEU had been mandated.

4.      Recommendation

Synod decide:

  • 4.1     To instruct the CPEU to send a letter to the OCRC asking if there is interest in further discussions.