GS 2004 art 6

GS 2004 Article 6 – Committees of Synod

The following committees were appointed:

  • Committee 1
    • Members:     Rev. W. den Hollander (convener), Rev. J. Van Vliet, br. J. Kuik, br. J. Vanderstoep
    • Topics: CCCA, Appeals re: OPC, Miscellaneous Agenda
    • Items: 8.1.a-g; 8.2.b; 8.3.2; 8.4.a,b,c,e,o,p

  • Committee 2
    • Members:   Rev. J. Moesker (convener), Rev. J. De Gelder, br. J. Jonker, br. W. Pleiter
    • Topics: CPEU, Appeals re: Phase 2 with URC and re: Right of Individuals to Appeal
    • Agenda Items: 8.1.h,j; 8.2.f,j,n; 8.3.5; 8.4.f,g,h,l

  • Committee 3
    • Members:     Rev. K. Jonker (convener), Rev. D. Agema, br. F. Kampen, br. G.Van Woudenberg
    • Topics:    CRCA, Bible Translation, Website and Appeals re: Lord’s Supper
    • Agenda Items: 8.2.a,c,e,h,i,k,l,o; 8.3.1, 8.3.4, 8.3.7; 8.4.d,i,j,k,m

  • Committee 4
    • Members:     Rev. W. Slomp (convener), Rev. C. Van Spronsen, br. H. Vanderwel, br. P. Van Woudenberg
    • Topics:           Book of Praise, Theological College, Various Appeals
    • Agenda Items: 8.1.i; 8.2.d,g,m,p; 8.3.6; 8.4.n,q