GS 2004 art 31

GS 2004 Article 31 – CCCA re: General Mandate

Committee 1 presented its proposal on the CCCA report re: General Mandate.  After several rounds of discussion, the following was adopted:

1.    Material

Report of the CCCA

2.    Observation

The committee expresses concern about the fact that the majority of the members of the CCCA are scheduled to retire at Synod 2004.  As it stands now, only two of the serving members are scheduled to remain in the committee.  The committee requests Synod to address this imbalance.

3.    Consideration

Synod agrees with the committee that continuity in our contacts would be served best if at the most half of the membership of the committee would retire from the committee.

4.    Recommendations

Synod decide:

  • 4.1.   To thank the CCCA, as well as its subcommittees, for all the work done and presented.
  • 4.2.   To replace at the most, half of the membership of this committee.
  • 4.3.   To mandate the CCCA to:
    • 4.3.1.     Continue contact with all those churches in the Americas with whom we have Ecclesiastical Fellowship according to the adopted rules, and in accordance with the mandates described in decisions taken by Synod with respect to the churches with which we have ongoing relationships;
    • 4.3.2.     Investigate diligently all the requests received for entering into Ecclesiastical Fellowship in the Americas;
    • 4.3.3.     Respond, if possible and feasible, to specific requests made to attend assemblies, synods, or meetings of other churches in the Americas;
    • 4.3.4.     Report on its findings with suitable recommendations to the next General Synod, and to present to the churches a report of its work six months prior to the convening of the next General Synod.
  • 4.4.   To allocate $8,000 for the work of the CCCA.