GS 2001 art 61

GS 2001 Article 61Opening and Adoption of the Acts

  • 1.    Rev. Cl. Stam reopened the meeting. He read from Ecclesiastes 3:9-14. After he gave a brief meditation he requested Hymn 42:1,2,8 to be sung. Following this he led in prayer.
  • 2.    Roll call showed all were present.
  • 3.    A letter was read from the Deputies of the sister churches in The Netherlands. They expressed regret for not being able to be present in person. They extended greetings and wished Synod the Lord’s blessing.
  • 4.    The Acts of May 9,2001  (Articles 51-60) were adopted.
  • 5.    A general round of discussion was held on the issue of the participation of women in voting for office bearers to assist the advisory committee in coming to a final report.
  • 6.    Synod broke for committee work.