GS 2001 art 37

GS 2001 Article 37Mexico: Independent Presbyterian Church in Mexico (IPCM)

Committee 1 presented its proposal on the Independent Presbyterian Church in Mexico (IPCM). Synod adopted the following:

1.    Material

Regional Synod East November 10-12 1999: Overture to investigate the Independent Presbyterian Church in Mexico (IPCM) (plus supporting documents).

2.    Admissibility

The overture is properly before Synod since it was presented to the minor assemblies first, in accordance with CO Article 30.

3.    Observations

  • 3.1.    Regional Synod East decided to propose to General Synod to further investigate the federation of IPCM as requested by Classis Ontario North and the Church at Toronto.
  • 3.2.    The Church at Toronto has maintained contact with the IPCM since the fall of 1996.
  • 3.3.    Dr. C. VanDam has made several visits to the Churches of the IPCM and held guest lectures at the Juan Calvino Seminary.
  • 3.4.    The IPCM has attended the ICRC as a visiting church.

4.    Considerations

  • 4.1.    The material submitted contains sufficient information to justify investigation of the IPCM.
  • 4.2.    In light of the decision of General Synod 1998 to give priority, in our contact, to churches located in the Americas (Acts of General Synod 1998 art. 72, III,B, p.64), it is pertinent to pursue this investigation further.

5.    Recommendations

Synod decide:

  • 5.1.   To express thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, for allowing us to find and interact with the churches of the IPCM unknown to us before.
  • 5.2.    To instruct the CCCA to further investigate the IPCM.
  • 5.3.    To serve Synod 2004 with a report to be sent to the churches at least six months prior to the beginning of Synod.