GS 1998 art 84

GS 1998 Article 84Theological College: General

Committee IV presents their proposal. Agenda item: I.B.1


  • A. Report of the Board of Governors to General Synod 1998.


  • A. The report of the Board of Governors covers its work and decisions since May 1995. From the report the following highlights are observed. The work at the Theological College could continue without interruption during the past three years.
  • B. The work of the board was done in brotherly harmony, and the professors were also able to do their work without serious problems.
  • C. In 1997 Dr. Faber was minister of the Word for forty-five years, and in the same year he and his wife also remembered their forty-fifth wedding anniversary.
  • D. In September 1995 Rev. G.VanDooren passed away. The board remembers with thankfulness how he instilled in many students the love for preaching the gospel and the pastoral work.
  • E. On Oct.12, 1996 Dr. C.VanDam celebrated his 25th anniversary in the ministry of the Word and Dr. and Mrs. VanDam also celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.
  • F. From June 1st 1996 to and including December 1996 Dr. VanDam was on a sabbatical. Drs. Hagens from DeBilt-Bilthoven served as his very capable and appreciated replacement. The Senate has indicated to the Board that they consider this first sabbatical to be a success.
  • G. Dr. Gootjes is presently serving as Principal of the college. The Board proposes that General Synod appoint Dr.DeJong as Principal for the period 1999-2002, with the transition to take place after the Convocation of 1999. The Board also proposes to appoint Dr. C.VanDam as Principal designate for the years 2002- 2005, the Lord willing.
  • H. Currently fourteen students are enrolled. Twelve students graduated during the last three years, of which seven entered the ministry of the Word.
  • I. The board is considering ways in which they can help foreign students who lack the funds they need to study at the college.
  • J. The Governors have regularly visited the lectures. The reports are invariably positive.
  • K. In 1995 Prof.J.Geertsema visited the churches in Alberta/Manitoba. In 1996 Dr.J.DeJong visited the churches in Classis Pacific, and also attended the meeting of the Alliance and Synods of the United Reformed Churches. In 1997 Dr.N.H.Gootjes went to Alberta/Manitoba again, and attended the ICRC in Korea. Dr. VanDam went to Mexico in 1997, and gave guest lectures at the Juan Calvino Seminary. The reports of all these activities were positive.
  • L. Under the skilful direction of sr. Margaret VanderVelde the automation of the library cataloguing system is progressing well. Upon request of the Senate the Board has made her position permanent.
  • M. The Board wants to express its thanks for the work and the contributions of the Women’s Savings Action.
  • N. The Board acknowledges with appreciation the dedication of sr. Catharine Mechelse the College’s administrative assistant.
  • O. The board also acknowledges the assistance of many volunteers who help out in the library in various ways.


  • A. On the basis of the report received Synod considers that the professors are making a positive contribution to the churches, not only through the college but also through their other activities.


  • A. To approve all decisions and actions of the Board and of its committees for the years 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998 until the day of the Board’s Report.
  • B. To express gratitude that the work at the Theological College continues without interruption and that all instruction is given in harmony with the Word of God and in agreement with the Confessions of the Canadian Reformed Churches.
  • C. To acknowledge the contribution of the professors to the broader ecclesiastical community.
  • D. To appoint Prof. Dr. J. DeJong as Principal for the period of September 1999 to September 2002, and to designate Prof. Dr. C. Van Dam as Principal for the years 2002 to 2005, the Lord willing. This transfer of responsibilities will take place the day after the Convocation in 1999.
  • E. To express gratitude for the work done by Rev. G. VanDooren during his lifetime.
  • F. To express gratitude for the work of Drs. Hagens of our sister-church in De Bilt- Bilthoven during the sabbatical of Dr. Van Dam.
  • G. To express gratitude for the work of the Board of Governors of the Theological College.
  • H. To acknowledge the contribution of the Women’s Savings Action, Miss M. VanderVelde, the librarian, and also Miss C. Mechelse, the administrative assistant, as well as the many volunteers.