GS 1998 art 2

GS 1998 Article 2 – Examination of Credentials

The church at Fergus examines the credentials which are found to be in order. All primi delegates are present with the exception of Rev. R. J. Eikelboom who is an alternate delegate to Rev. R.A. Schouten. In attendance are:

From Regional Synod East:

  • Ministers: W. den Hollander, P.G. Feenstra, A. J. Pol, G. H. Visscher
  • Elders: L. Jagt, W. Oostdyk, J. Schouten, W. Smouter.

From Regional Synod West:

  • Ministers: R. Aasman, R. J. Eikelboom, J. Moesker, W. B. Slomp.
  • Elders: W. A. Pleiter, A. VanLeeuwen, P. Vanwoudenberg, T. M. Veenendaal