GS 1998 art 13

GS 1998 Article 13 – Rockway’s Request re Procedure ad Article 32, C.O. The Executive presents:

1. Material

Agenda Material II-DD

2. Observations:

  • A. With a view to their concerns about the appeals relating to their church and the Rev. T. Hoogsteen, the church at Rockway asks:
    • In the event that a delegate to General Synod has participated as a delegate to a minor assembly in a decision of that assembly pertaining specifically to a person, such a delegate shall not:
    • a. serve on the advisory committee appointed with respect to such matter; and
    • b. vote in the disposition of an appeal of that decision by that person to General Synod.

3. Considerations

  • A. Rockway’s interpretation of article 32 is contrary to the intent of this article. Article 32 pertains to matters in which a delegate would judge in his own case (personal or local church).
  • B. Whether delegates abstain from voting on matters which they needed to make a decision about before depends upon their own personal discretion and judgement.
  • C. Synod has already taken into consideration the concerns of Rockway in that it has given the matters pertaining to Rockway and Rev. Hoogsteen to a committee composed entirely of delegates from the west. This is also a standing practice of general synods.

4. Recommendation

That synod not accede to Rockway’s request.