GS 1998 art 123

GS 1998 Article 123Appeal from London re Rules for Ecclesiastical Fellowship

Committee III presents Agenda item III H.


Appeal from the church at London regarding Rules for Ecclesiastical Fellowship.


  • A. In answering a proposal of the church at London to change the Rules for Ecclesiastical Fellowship as adopted by Synod Lincoln 1992, Synod Abbotsford 1995 states in Consideration 101 VII, B, “the rules for Ecclesiastical Fellowship have been adopted by General Synod 1992 . In order to change these Rules, the church at London must prove that the current Rules are against Scripture, Confession or the Church Order. London does not do this. Therefore Synod cannot do this.”
  • B. The church at London disagrees with this decision and request that General Synod rescind the decision of Synod 1995 and deal with the original proposal.


  • A. Synod 1995 erred when it answered the submission of London as if it were an appeal. Synod should have declared the proposal inadmissible according to Article 30 of the Church Order.
  • B. The church at London fails to follow the proper procedure in regards to this submission.
    • 1. Prior to Synod 1992 the proposed changes to the Rules for Ecclesiastical Fellowship were submitted to the churches for consideration and evaluation. Any change or objection could be weighed by General Synod.
    • 2. After the adoption of the Rules for Ecclesiastical Fellowship, churches which desire to propose a change must submit their proposals to classis in order that via the ecclesiastical way the churches again have opportunity to consider and evaluate such changes (Article 30, Church Order). Therefore also the proposal submitted to Synod 1998 should follow this route.


  • A. To rescind Article 101 VII C of Synod Abbotsford 1995.
  • B. To deny the request of the church of London to deal with their original proposal.