GS 1995 art 52

GS 1995 ARTICLE 52Contact with the Free Reformed Churches of North America

Committee II presents:

Agenda items VIII. C. 19, 20


Overtures from the church at Aldergrove and the church at Langley requesting Synod to appoint a committee to take up contact with the Free Reformed Churches of North America with a view to work towards a union of our respec- tive churches.


Synod declares these overtures inadmissible on the ground that according to Art. 30 C.O., new matters not previously presented to General Synod should first be dealt with by the minor assemblies. See also Acts of General Synod 1983, Art. 150 C.4., which deals with a request from a church to General Synod to initiate contact with another church federation: “the church at Ottawa introduces a new matter which has not been dealt with at the minor assemblies and therefore has not adequately involved and prepared the churches re its overture.”