GS 1995 art 57

GS 1995 ARTICLE 57Letter from Fergus re: Regional Synod West 1994

Committee IV presents: Agenda item VIII. E. 7


Letter from the church at Fergus regarding the appointment by Regional Synod West 1994 of two brothers as delegates to the General Synod 1995.


The church at Fergus “questions whether these two brothers are suitable dele- gates to the forthcoming Synod . . . (because) these brothers do not agree with and may not abide by the decisions taken by the broader assemblies” on the Denver matter. In addition, Fergus deems it improper for these brothers to take part in discussions and voting.


  • A. The church at Fergus fails to take into account that brothers and churches may disagree with the decisions of broader assemblies within the parameters of Art. 31 C.O.
  • B. The church at Fergus overlooks the provisions contained in Art. 32 C.O. on voting.
  • C. Synod regrets that the church at Fergus questions the integrity of brothers who are legitimately delegated to General Synod in suggesting, without any further proof, that they intend not to abide by the decisions of major assemblies.


General Synod 1995 decide not to uphold the complaint of the church at Fergus.


Elder I. Veurink and Rev. J.D. Wielenga do not vote according to Art. 32 C.O.