GS 1995 art 108

GS 1995 ARTICLE 108Finances of Synod

Committee IV presents:

Agenda items VIII. E. 11, XII.


  • A. Statement of income and expenses of the Finance Committee of General Synod Lincoln 1992.
  • B. Audit report by the church at Rockway of the books of the Finance Committee of Synod 1992.


  • A. General Synod Lincoln appointed the church at Rockway to audit the books of the finances of General Synod 1992.
  • B. The financial statement discloses the following expenses:
Travel (delegates Reg. Synod East)1935.09
Travel (delegates Reg. Synod West)4450.28
Equip’t & rentals1511.92
  • C. The church at Rockway has audited the books of the finances of General Synod 1992, and reports that they were found in good order.


Synod decide

  • A. To express appreciation for the work done by the Finance Committee of Synod 1992 and by the auditing church.
  • B. To discharge the Finance Committee for Synod 1992 on the basis of the audi- tors report of the church at Rockway.
  • C. To appoint a Finance Committee General Synod 1995 which will pay the expenses incurred by General Synod 1995, using funds submitted by the churches in each Regional Synod. This Committee will forward any balance of funds of General Synod 1995 to the convening church of the next General Synod.
  • D. To appoint as Finance Committee of Synod 1995: br. E. DeHaan, br. F. Flokstra and sr. R. VanOene.
  • E. To appoint the church at Yarrow to audit the books of the finances of Synod 1995, and to report to the next General Synod.