GS 1992 art 65

GS 1992 ARTICLE 65Address Church

Committee III presents: Agenda item VIII H1,2


  • A. Report of the address church, the church at Burlington East, ON.
  • B. Letter of the church at Burlington East, ON re information to be sent for the yearbook of our sister churches in the Netherlands.


  • A. General Synod Winnipeg 1989 appointed the church at Burlington East, ON as address church.
  • B. The church at Burlington East, ON received and acted upon a letter of Mr. Richard Vaughan of Newmarket, Ontario who requested information as part of a course requirement in missiology. As address church they also answered a letter of Mr. R. Ian Savage of St. Stephen, New Brunswick who showed interest in the work and ministry of the Canadian Reformed Churches.
  • C. The Ontario Bible College in Willowdale, ON requested a directory of the churches. This request was refused since the address church sensed the directory was requested to send school promotion material.
  • D. The church at Burlington East, ON requests General Synod give priority to appointments when establishing the agenda so that the up-to-date information can be passed on for the Handboek ten dienste van de Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland.


  • A. General Synod notes that the church at Burlington East fulfilled its mandate in answering the requests of Mr. R. Vaughan and Mr. R.I. Savage and in refusing the request of the Ontario Bible College.
  • B. The request of Burlington East, ON can only be received as information since it is difficult to finalize all appointments before Synod concludes its work.


Synod decide:

  • A. to thank the church at Burlington East, ON for the work done as address church.
  • B. to reappoint the church at Burlington East, ON as address church of the Canadian Reformed Churches, and to request it to ensure that it be known as the church to which communications to the Canadian Reformed Churches be addressed.