GS 1992 art 45

GS 1992 ARTICLE 45Appeal of br. C.J. Burger

Committee III presents: Agenda item VIII D13

This is dealt with in closed session.


Letter from br. C.J. Burger re Acts of General Synod 1989 (Art. 111, 112, 113 & 122).


  • A: Br. C.J. Burger offers no new grounds to show that the matter he appealed to General Synod 1989 should be reconsidered.
  • B: Article 31 of the Church Order points out very clearly that whatever may be agreed upon by a majority vote, in the major assemblies, “shall be considered settled and binding, unless it is proved to be in conflict with the Word of God or with the Church Order.” In his submission br. C.J. Burger does not demonstrate that he has been wronged by the decisions of General Synod 1989 on the basis of the Word of God and the Church Order.


Synod decide to declare this appeal inadmissible.