GS 1992 art 19

GS 1992 ARTICLE 19Theological College: By-laws and Policy

Committee II presents: Agenda item A2, H6


By-Law No. 9 being a By-Law to amend section 3.02 of By-law No. 1.

By-Law No. 10 being a By-Law relating to the establishment of a Publication Committee.

By-Law No. 11 being a By-Law relating to the establishment of the Faber- Holwerda Bursary Fund and the Faber-Holwerda Bursary Committee.

Proposal of the Board of Governors regarding Sabbatical Policy of the Theological College.

Letter from the church at Fergus, ON re C.


  • A. Regarding By-Law No. 9: the intent is that if a minister should cease to be an active minister during the term of his appointment, such minister may continue to serve as a Governor until the expiration of his term, that is, until the next General Synod.
  • B. Regarding By- Law No. 10: the intent is to establish a Publication Committee for the publication and dissemination of scholarly writings of the Faculty and other Reformed scholars, at the discretion of the Publication Committee and for the establishment of a periodical publication containing such scholarly work.
  • C. Regarding By-Law No. 11: the intent is to appoint a Committee to administer the Faber-Holwerda Bursary Fund.
  • D. Regarding the Sabbatical Policy: it is the intent to establish guidelines for a research leave program.
  • E. The church at Fergus, ON suggests that the representative of the Faber family be a member in good standing of a Canadian Reformed Church or a sister church. It also requests stipulations regarding who is eligible to receive the support.


  • A. Regarding By-Law No.9, it articulates more clearly the stipulation for the retire- ment of Governors who cease to be active ministers.
  • B. Regarding By-Law No.10, Synod considers that the establishment of a Publication Committee is a constructive way of advancing the learning in the- ology for the training for the ministry of the Gospel (Act, Section 3).
  • C. The proposed By-Law No. 10 does not include reference to Section 3 of the Canadian Reformed Theological College Act to justify the establishment of such a Publication Committee. Neither does it include accountability to the Board of Governors.
  • D. Regarding By-Law No. 11, it deals adequately with the requirements regarding the establishment of such a Fund and Committee. As for the suggestions made by the church at Fergus, ON, these are dealt with under Section 4, and 8(a) of the By-Law.
  • E. Regarding the Sabbatical Policy, Synod notes that under By-Law No. 1, Section 3.15 (d) the Board has the power to grant leaves of absence. To assist the Board in the execution of this power, a Sabbatical Policy is pro- posed which adequately outlines the process of granting such leaves of absence. This proposed Policy ensures that the education at the Theological College will not be hampered. The financial implications, however, will be in the area of $15,000.00 per annum (or more than $2.00 per communicant member per year).


Synod decide:

  • A. to confirm By-Law No. 9.
  • B. to refer By-Law No. 10 back to the Board of Governors and to recommend that the following changes be made to it:
    • that Section 3 of the Act be referred to under 2 to read “all of which shall be con- sistent with the object and basis of the College as described in the Sections 3 and 4 of the Canadian Reformed Theological College Act, 1981.”
    • that one representative of the Academic Committee of the Board of Governors be included in the Publication Committee.
    • that an Annual Report of its activities be submitted to the Board of Governors.
  • C. to confirm By-Law No.11.
  • D. to approve the Sabbatical Policy presented by the Board of Governors.