GS 1992 art 129

GS 1992 ARTICLE 129Letter from the Church at Langley re Convening Date of General Synod

Committee III presents: Agenda item VIII E6


Letter from the church at Langley, BC re convening date of General Synod.


  • A. The church at Langley, BC is of the opinion that the month of November is not a very suitable time of the year for the convening of Synod and suggests that future Synods be convened during the month of June for the following reasons:
    • 1. The Catechism and Profession of Faith classes will be over; hence there will be no need to cancel them or to parachute in other teachers.
    • 2. The pastoral workload is lighter seeing that there is often less sickness at this time of the year;
    • 3. The members of Synod can return home and, if they wish, go on holidays and so recover fully from their Synodical experience;
    • 4. Weather-wise, the month of June is very well-suited for meetings in almost every part of the country; thereby allowing the members of Synod ample opportunity to get whatever exercise they need.
  • B. Article 34 of the Church Order (as revised by Synod 1989) states, “Furthermore each classis, regional synod, or general synod shall determine the time and place of the next classis, regional synod, or general synod respectively and appoint the convening church for that meeting.”


  • A. Synod agrees with the suggestion made by the church at Langley, BC that the month of November is not the most appropriate month of the year for the convening of Synod.
  • B. If Synod would be convened in June it would conflict with the convening of Classis Ontario South and Classis Ontario North. It would mean that the ministerial delegates would be out of their congregation for a considerable amount of time. This would not be a problem if Synod were convened in the month of May.


Synod give due consideration to the matter raised by the church at Langley, BC when making preparations for the next Synod.