GS 1992 art 114

GS 1992 ARTICLE 114Printing of Acts of Synod

Committee III presents:

  • Agenda item VIII E5


  • A. Letter from the church at Lincoln, ON re printing of Acts of Synod.
  • B. Quotation (verbal) from Premier Printing.


  • A. The church at Lincoln, ON requests that Synod “make copies of Acts of Synod available on request only” arguing that such would be stewardly and cost-effective. They suggest that many copies are distributed to members and never looked at again. Those interested in owning a copy will make the effort to order one.
  • B. Premier Printing advised members of Synod with a verbal quotation that it will be able to provide copies for all the church members at a substantially reduced price provided that the Acts are properly proofread and formatted.


  • A. The practice of previous Synods has been to ensure that a copy of the Acts finds its way into every Canadian Reformed home with the intention that all church members may be acquainted with the decisions of Synod.
  • B. The quotation from Premier Printing indicates that the cost of printing the Acts will be substantially lower than expected.


Synod decide not to accede to the request of the church at Lincoln, ON.