GS 1992 art 101

GS 1992 ARTICLE 101Appeal of Br. L. Van Zandwyk re Regulations Broader Assemblies

Committee II presents: Agenda item VIII H4a


Appeal from br. L. Van Zandwyk.


Although the material was submitted too late according to the Guidelines for General Synod (Acts 1983, Art. 45), the nature of the contents is such that it can be considered by Synod. As well, because br. Van Zandwyk contends that the matter he appeals is incompatible with Scripture and Church Order, Synod declares this appeal admissible. (Art. 31 C.O.)


Br. Van Zandwyk requests Synod to declare that rules for broader assemblies “… are incompatible with Scripture and Church Order; that they are a potential cause for unwarranted delays and are imposing unjustifiable burdens and frustrations on those who appeal against possible wrongdoings of minor assemblies in our church confederation. And to urge all minor assemblies to rescind these rules as un-Scriptural and un-just; as un-warranted curtailments of the unrestricted right to appeal laid down in Article 31 of our Church Order.”


The regulations in the various ecclesiastical regions are not a matter of the churches in common.

A request for revision of Classical Regulations ought to be directed to a minor assembly.


On the basis of Art. 30 C.O., Synod decides not to accede to the request of br. L. Van Zandwyk.