GS 1989 art 84

GS 1989 ARTICLE 84 – Adjournment

Synod is adjourned for lunch and committee work. Because Rev. J. J. Peterson must leave, the chairman bids him farewell on behalf of Synod with the following words:

Farewell words to Rev. J. J. Peterson.

Esteemed brother Peterson:
You have again been with us for a week, and we have been privileged to have you in our midst. Your sense of humour, infectious laugh, and agreeable nature are always very pleasant to experience. Yet we do not misjudge you: you are no pushover. We have detected in you also deep strength; agreeable, yes, but not to yield to what goes against God’s Word. Patient, yes, but insistent and consistent against what is perceived to be wrong.
You have been at our Synods before. You know some of the issues from your last visit in 1983 (Synod Cloverdale). Since then you haven’t gotten much farther with us; we haven’t gotten much farther with you; perhaps we haven’t gotten that much farther with ourselves!
Still, there is progress. We have hope that we may grow together. Sometimes you may wonder: what do you, Canadian Reformed Churches, want? It may seem as if we want too much and understand too little. But we seek only one thing: unity in the Truth, to be together simply Reformed in every respect. This is our striving; this is also our struggle.
Please pass on to the OPC our concerns as you have understood them in a brotherly spirit. Urge the OPC to tackle the issues which we present. Come in the direction of the true covenantal way of thinking!
May the Lord bless you personally, on your way as you leave today. May He be also with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and guide it in its proper direction, which is pleasing to Him.
God bless you.