GS 1989 art 63

GS 1989 ARTICLE 63 – Committee III presents: Agenda Item VIII, A, 2, b


Appointment of professors.


  • 1. Synod appointed Prof. Dr. N. H. Gootjes as professor of Dogmatology and Ethics and Rev. Drs. J. De Jong as professor of Ecclesiology and Diaconiology.
  • 2. These appointments mean that Prof. Dr. N. H. Gootjes will be teaching Dogmatics and Ethics in a new situation and in the context of a different country.
  • 3. These appointments mean that Rev. Drs. J. De Jong who, D. V., will soon have a degree in Dogmatology will be teaching in different fields than his studies.


  • 1. Because the Theological College is comparatively small in the number of faculty members and these newly appointed professors are assigned to teach in many areas, the work load may be too heavy.
  • 2. There may be ministers or other brothers in the Hamilton area who are capa- ble of teaching in certain areas of theological studies.


Synod decide:

  • to give the freedom to the Senate with the Board of Governors to solicit the help of lecturers if needed.