GS 1989 art 51

GS 1989 ARTICLE 51 – Committee IV presents: Agenda Item VIII, D, 11


letter from br. J. DeVos re Regional Synod West 1987, Art.4 (not specified).


  • 1. Appellant asks General Synod to declare a ruling of Regional Synod West 1987 (Art.4) invalid.
  • 2. Regional Synod ruled to declare an appeal by br. J. DeVos inadmissible on the following grounds:
    • a. the appellant has not been personally wronged by a decision of this classis
    • b. the brother should have addressed his concern to his own consistory.


  • 1. Regional Synod West 1987 did not mention Art. 31 C.O. in the Acts, but the wording of the denial of the appeal clearly alludes to this Article.
  • 2. Art. 31 C.O. does not necessarily restrict appeals to those who have been per- sonally wronged. See Acts Toronto 1974. (Acts, Article 123, Consideration 2).
  • 3. An appeal against a decision of a minor assembly may be directed to the major assembly (Art. 31 C.O.).


Synod decide:

  • 1. the appeal of br. J. DeVos to Regional Synod West 1987 was denied on improper grounds.