GS 1989 art 48

GS 1989 ARTICLE 48 – Committee IV presents: Agenda Item VIII,D,12


Letter from the Orthodox Reformed Church of Edmonton (ORC) re Regional Synod West 1987, Art. 10, 15 and 16 (not specified).


  • 1. Art. 31 C.O. implies that an appellant is a member of the churches against whose decision he appeals and that he maintains the bond with these churches during the time of appeal despite alleged wrongs.
  • 2. The Orthodox Reformed Church has joined the federation of Orthodox Christian Reformed Churches and by this act definitely severed the ties with the Canadian Reformed Churches. Synod, therefore, could declare this appeal inadmissible.
  • 3. Since this is an appeal against a decision of a Regional Synod -which has not been dealt with by a General Synod and as such is a new matter Synod may deal with it as an exceptional case.
  • 4. Response to the appeal of the Orthodox Reformed Church at Edmonton is desirable in order to make clear whether all things were done in accordance with the Word of God and the accepted Church Order in view of allegations of being judged: “rashly and unheard.”


Synod decide:

  • to declare this submission admissible.


Rev. P.K.A. de Boer and Elder A. Poppe abstain from voting because this matter involves the Church at Carman.