GS 1989 art 34

GS 1989 ARTICLE 34 – Committee IV presents: Agenda Item VIII, D, 1


Letter of Ebenezer Canadian Reformed Church of Chatham, re: Acts of General Synod Burlington 1986, Art. 186, 187.


  • 1. The Church at Chatham objects to the fact that appeals of brs. J. Werkman and H. De Jong were declared admissible, even though they had withdrawn themselves from the Church at Edmonton.
  • 2. Synod 1986 declared the appeals admissible since these brothers withdrew “owing to difficulties directly related to the issues of the appeal” and in the hope that it might lead to reconciliation with the consistory of the Immanuel Church at Edmonton.


  • 1. The Church at Chatham does not appeal decisions of Synod 1986, but wishes “to register” its objection to Synod dealing with appeals from members who have withdrawn themselves from the church.
  • 2. When members withdraw from the federation of churches they indeed disrupt the way of appeal as accepted in Art. 31 C.O. However, special circumstances may allow dealing with an appeal to a major assembly.


Synod decide:

  • with the above considerations, Synod takes note of the objection of the Church at Chatham.