GS 1989 art 164

GS 1989 ARTICLE 164

Committee III presents:

Agenda Item VIII, E, 3.


Letter from the Regional Synod West, Coaldale November 8, 1988, re art. 46 C.O.


  • 1. Regional Synod West, 1988 overtures General Synod for the following change to Art. 46 C.O.: “At least every second year Classis shall authorize not less than two experienced and able ministers to visit the churches in those years”.
  • 2. This matter was dealt with at Synod 1986, Acts, Art., 105 and Synod 1983, Acts, Art., 91.
  • 3. Regional Synod West, 1988 suggests that the areas of both its Classes extend over approximately 1500 kilometers, and finds that the yearly church visitation is impractical, both financially and because of the time involved.
  • 4. Regional Synod West, 1988 proposes to change this regulation so that the frequency of church visitation will be one time in two years and notes that churches are free to request church visitation any time and such requests are always honoured.


  • 1. Annual church visitation is based on the agreement that in the federation of churches we are to supervise and assist one another on a regular basis.
  • 2. Synod 1983 addressed the matters of distances and costs as being no longer relevant in this time.
  • 3. Within each classical district there are eight and nine churches respectively to share the practical concerns related to church visitations.


Synod decide:

not to accede to the request of Regional Synod West, 1988.